Fans say he sounds like Stevie Wonder or John Legend. Have a listen and decide for yourself...


Music knew Glenton Davis before he knew himself. The story goes that before Glenton could even speak the words "mama" or "dada," the precocious tyke was singing the words to Michael Jackson's "Bad." Glenton's passion for music was apparent and unshakable by age 4, when he asked his mother for a piano, proclaiming: "I just wanna sing!" Glenton's mother bought him that piano, and he's been hooked ever since.

Fast forward to today, and you'll see a man who, over the last ten years, has learned a lot. Some of what Glenton has learned has come through his formal training at Yale where he did his undergrad, Kellogg School of Management where he did his MBA, and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law where Glenton earned a JD with honors; or work, on Wall Street, in BigLaw, and now in Big Tech. Most of what Glenton has learned, though, has come from the school of hard knocks and the harsh lessons he's had to learn along the way about life, love, and longing. He's also had to learn resilience. All the while, though, Glenton has had his music.

Seven years after independently releasing the pop song "Go Get on the Floor" which broke through the Top 400 pop songs on the Canadian Adult Contemporary charts, Glenton and his music are back and ready to face the world proudly, unabashedly, authentically. 

If you were to ask Glenton "Why now?" or "What do you hope to achieve through your music?" he would say -- Each of us has a voice, and we must learn to never give up on it.

Welcome to Glenton's journey towards never giving up on his.

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